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09:02pm 20/12/2009
  Hey People! 

Two friends of mine have started a little webshop selling self made jewelery! 
They look like cupcakes! 
Hence the name cupcake kingdom :P...
So just check out the link, cuz I know you want too ;)...


And don't be too shy now ppl and buy something :P...
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09:28pm 03/02/2009

I just cam eout of the shower and looked in the mirror!

And I can see ma sixpack, I has a sexy belly! 

Just too bad there's a lot of fat in front of it.

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06:58pm 11/09/2008
  Hey! Because some of you guys asked for some pictures of zie army here are some pictures of the day I got ma stripes :P...
They are two months old :P...And my hair is shorter ghehehehehehe!

Me receiving my stripes from my Adjudant and Sergeant!

CLick here for more piccies!Collapse )

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09:34pm 26/06/2008

I finished the end exercise!!!

This means that in two weeks I'll receive my sergeant stripes and then in august I'll move on to go and deserve my red baret!!!
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05:17pm 22/11/2007
  Kom net terug van dienst!
Heb sinds vorige week zondag op de kazerne gezeten met afgelopen weekend een bivak.
De bivak was zwaar maar echt vet!
Lichamelijk helemaal brak en naar de klote maar mentaal was ik echt relaxed!
Last van men benen en eelt op de vingertjes, maar ik zeg 1 ding! Onder een Poncho in de bossen slapen is relaxed!

En ik kon vandaag lekker relaxed in uniform naar huis!
Foto's komen of later vanavond of morgen!

En tot slot het onderofficieren lied die we iedere avond onder de douche zingen!

Onderofficier, ruggengraat van de KL
Professionals, borst vooruit, kin omhoog, goed in ons vel
Moed hoog in het vaandel, zorg voor 't personeel
Trots ben ik, geen opdracht is te veel, leiderschap is ons deel
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04:55pm 27/08/2007

I passed the selection!

On the 5th of November my life in the militairy starts!!!

Sergeant Hendriks to da rescue!!!
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12:52am 24/05/2007
  Guess who just turned 24, 54 minutes ago!!!

You all may have three guesses };)...
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02:34pm 21/05/2007

Oew... This month I'll turn 24 on the 24th... How cool is that?



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02:44pm 14/05/2007
  Who else is going to VNV Nation this saturday? (19th of may)  
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02:33pm 02/04/2007
  13th of May... BOY SETS FIRE
Somewhere in the Netherlands... Who's going?
I know I am ^^...

Anyways, Yesterday I finally had a chance to go for a long ride on my new bike! I went together with Tommy and Mark, wich was cool. We biked through the forests near Weert, and we ended up biking about 25KM and had to go back home cuz some ppl were waiting for us!
Anyway, I thought it went really good! At first I thought I wasn't going to be able to go for a long distance or even bike fast. But when we finished I wanted to keep on going! Kept the pace between the 20 and 25km an hour through the forests so that was ok :).

Anyway, going again next weekend!
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10:00am 09/03/2007
  Yay! Tonight I can finally go and pick up my mountainbike!
+ 1 mountainbike }:D!!!
- 700 euro's {:(...

It's a Specialized Rockhopper! And I can't wait to go biking on sunday (H)...
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11:01am 08/03/2007
  Jim (Voskat) you dissapoint me!
Were is your LJ update about the game last night!

Sortie 23   
12:49pm 26/02/2007
  Well I promised some of you guys in the summer holidays that I'd post the pictures I had taken at Sortie 23. It was the first time I ever took pictures of bands on stage, and was gratefull to the bands that let me into the photopit and on stage. It was a great experience and it was all thanks to Cindy! Anyways, first couple of pictures are a remebrence to Mike who passed away two weeks ago.
He was a really cool guy! We stayed at his place during the festival were Stefan, Mike and me watched movies, drinking beer and smoking cigars while Cindy and another chick slept. He also taught me a lot of techniques that I could use with my camera, he also lent me his flash a couple of times. Great guy and a shame I didn't get to know him better!
Hope yer in a fine place Mike!

Click here for moreCollapse )
100 DemonsCollapse )
Sworn EnemyCollapse )
HateSphereCollapse )

Warning, some pictures can be crappy }:P...
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01:58pm 23/02/2007
  Tonight is the night I either lose 20 euro's or win 200...
That's right it's the night of the pokergame I've been waiting for!


And next week I'll probably have my mountainbike!
My 2 months of beeing patient are finally going to be rewarded!
I can't wait!
And then next sunday I'm goin bikin mwhuahahahahaha!
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12:52pm 31/01/2007
  Hey mensen!
Ik doe mee met de actie Fight for Cancer!
En het doel ervan is dat men gesponsord word om zijn snor te laten staan! En ik doe eraan mee en heb dus sponsors nodig };).
Dus als je mij wilt sponsoren en meteen wil meehelpen met geld in te zamelen voor Fight@Cancer! Je hoeft alleen op het banner hieronder te klikken en de rest wijst zich vanzelf };).
Zelf heb ik mezelf al gesponsord }:P. En ik zal niet net zoals altijd een baardje laten staan maar dit keer alleeeeeen mijn snor! En aangezien februari morgen begint zal ik mezelf vanavond maar ff scheren }:p. Ik baal er alleen van dat ik vorige week mezelf nog geschoren had en nu nog maar een beginnende baard heb {:(. Maarja, de snor zal er komen! MWHUAHAHAHA!
Maar doe mee en sponsor mij door of op de banner te klikken of je e-mail adres in een comment te plaatsen!

Hmmmmzzz... Aangezien de banner niet werkt heb ik hier maar 2 linkjes neergegooid }:P.
Ed's snorren pagina!
Zelfde pagina als hierboven ghehehe }:P.

P.S. Stiekem heb ik wel zin in men snor };).
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08:58pm 23/01/2007
  Argh, Mark called me today he wants his gear of war cd's back!
Wich means I'm going to have to buy them myself, and a new Xbox live account!

So, I hope I'll receive my pay soon or I won't be able to kick Detlefs ass anymore *sob*
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11:54pm 22/01/2007
  Tomorrow my internship starts at Assembleon.
Kind of looking forward to it, the people there looked kind of cool!
Let's just hope they are.

And this week or next week I can finally pick up my mountain bike!
Can't wait to go biking through the forests near here and shizzle (H).
07:17pm 14/01/2007
This weekend I saw one of the best movies I've seen in a long time!
The Departed }:D!
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New bike!   
04:30pm 07/01/2007
  2006 has been a great year for me financially!
Earned a shit load of money and I'm only just a poor wee student {:(...
Anyway, to celebrate the new year I bought myself a new bike!

The brand is called specialized and the model is called rockhopper!
Yesterday was fun, Mark, Tommy and me went to Belgium for some mountain bike clothing.
And I got some trousers and a shirt, wanted to get some shoes but I'll get them some other day!
Then we went to the bike shop were I ordered ma new bike! The only problem is I have to wait a couple of weeks before it's in *sniff sniff*
Anyway, I can't wait to get it! Cuz in march Tommy, Mark and me are going for a long weekend to the Ardennes!
Wich is gonna be sweet (H)...
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12:31pm 31/12/2006
  Happy New Year everyone! Or at least it will be in 12 hours };).

Hope you'll all have a great day and see you in the next year!
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